I deliberately don't post many personal images/videos. One reason is so I don't just bombard people with images left, right and centre. The main reason is I like to keep my own life... well my own. But seeing as this is the 'about me' page...

Let's talk about memories.

I have a truly, epicly, disastrously awful memory. If I don't take pictures I will NOT remember things. So this is my way to plead with people to please, please take more photos. You don't have to hire me, It would be really nice if you did though, but please do take more photos. Take photos of everything, all the good things, all the silly things, all the sad things. Even if you have a good memory... or perhaps, wait for it, a photographic one. People can't see inside your head. Take pictures and for the love of all that is good in the world don't just leave them on your camera, phone or computer. Print them, hang them on your walls... show people.

These are the things that are most important to you. Why wouldn't you want too?